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Industrial Recycling Made Easy

We have worked with many businesses across western Canada that thought industrial recycling was very intimidating. We understood their hesitation considering that making changes to a corporation can be daunting. Since we noticed this pattern, we made it our goal to make the business recycling transition as simple as can be. In fact, we narrowed it down to three steps for you.

1. Audit your business recycling efforts

The first step we take with each of our clients is to audit their current business recycling efforts and needs. This means that we will send a knowledgeable recycling expert to your location to assess your operation and understand all the products you have that can be recycled. This is very pain-free for you as we do all the work here!

2. Develop a customized industrial recycling plan

Once our recycling expert has assessed your business needs, we will come up with a customized industrial recycling plan for you. Yes, you heard us right, we do not offer cookie cutter plans. Each plan is designed individually to meet your precise business recycling needs. We take many things into consideration during the audit to ensure that you have the best plan possible.

3. Integrate industrial recycling program with your production requirements

We really do not believe in cookie cutter plans or programs around here. We understand that your production requirements are important and so we remain flexible with pick up schedules and packaging requirements. Additionally, we take the time to properly handle and process your incoming commodities. Why is this important? This is important because doing so means that our rebates are the best in the industry and our fees are low and efficient.

As you can see, making the transition into industrial recycling is not daunting at all, at least not with us! If you are ready to diversify your waste and feel good about knowing that you’re doing good for the environment, give us a call. We would love to come by and help you see exactly how much of your products can be turned into new goods!

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3 Ways Your Business Can Help Wildfires in B.C.

British Columbia (B.C.) is currently undergoing the second worst wildfire in the history of the province. A lot of the cities that are within or close to the province have suffered the effects of this catastrophe through poor air quality. Unfortunately, that is the best case scenario. Other less fortunate areas have had to evacuate their citizens in order to keep them safe. Trying to contain the fire has cost the province over $200 million dollars. Although most of us feel like we are helpless in this situation, we have come up with a list of three ways that your business can help wildfires in B.C.

Make Financial Donations to The Canadian Red Cross

As expected, the Red Cross is supporting the province by providing assistance to people affected by the B.C. wildfires. This includes anything such as COTS, blankets, and even getting family members together again. Of course, the organization also helps with financial assistance for food, clothing, and personal needs. You can help Red Cross accomplish these goals by donating directly to their Fires Appeal page.

Donate Supplies to Evacuee Centres

If your company is a manufacturer of products, you might be able to help the evacuee crisis by donating supplies. There are many evacuation centres throughout B.C. that you might be able to make these donations to. Additionally, there are several social media groups that are asking for businesses and the general public to pitch in supplies to help those in need.

Implement a Recycling Program

There is no question that a lot of our natural resources are being compromised with this wildfire. Business recycling is a key tactic to help the province heal financially and environmentally. This is not only going to help B.C. wildfires cause short term, but it is also going to ensure that our forests remain intact and healthy long term. If you have not already done so, Blue Planet can perform a recycling audit for your business in which we will create a strong plan for your corporate recycling needs. You will be surprised as to how much of your “waste” can be converted into new products and help the province conserve the trees that are still standing.

This is a time when we should all come together to ease the situation. There are many ways your business can help wildfires in B.C. through financial donations, supplies donation, and recycling. If we all work together, the damage will feel less intense.


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Lush, A Strong Example in Industrial Recycling

Industrial recycling is a business activity that many market leaders deem mandatory. Organizations that care about the footprints they leave on our environment are well-liked by the general public. A perfect example of this is one of our clients, Lush Cosmetics.

We have had the opportunity to help Lush on their mission to make the world a better place by working together to solve some of their industrial recycling needs. This is a special treat for us seeing as the company constantly strives to reduce the environmental impact within numerous areas. Lush works on various projects within their manufacturing and retail operations to reduce their impact on energy, water, and transportation.

Asides from this, Lush supports small grassroots non-profits working to make positive change on environmental issues through their Charity Pot program. The business also runs environmental campaigns to raise awareness amongst their staff, customers and the community at large to foster change. Another area where the company strives to reduce is within waste. Lush is proud to be following the 4R’s for waste:

  • Refuse: refusing to use items if they are not necessary to their operations.
  • Reduce: reducing materials in their operations as much as possible.
  • Reuse: converting as many single use items to multi use items that can be re-used many times over.
  • Recycle: when items that are necessary for their operations make it through these first 4 steps, they look to recycle them.

So where does Blue Planet come in? Well, we had the chance to help the company with some not-so-easy-to-recycle items including but not limited to: gloves, chemical removal, and plastic barrels.

Lush’s sustainability coordinator spoke to us about what they look for in environmental partners: “We look for innovative partners to help us maintain the value of the materials and avoid sending these valuable resources into a landfill stream. In Blue Planet we have found a partner who strives to tackle these items that have limited end of life solutions which helps Lush minimize our landfill waste stream.”

Needless to say, we thoroughly enjoy helping Lush accomplish their environmental goals. This is a company that truly aims to make the world better and we are very proud to be a part of their plan.

By blue@923-RECYCLE

Why is Corporate Recycling the New Thing?

We have all heard of the efforts that big companies enforce to eliminate the waste they create. Some businesses look at these efforts as something costly and time consuming. However, corporate recycling can actually be the opposite of those things. Corporate recycling can offer many benefits to your business and we thought we’d highlight some of them for your reference.

Lower Waste Costs

Yes, you are seeing correctly. Recycling can actually bring efficiency to your company’s bottom line. How? It’s quite simple. You see, when you implement a business recycling plan, you reduce the amount of waste you produce. This means that your waste management costs will also be reduced since you will have less “garbage”.

Grant Opportunities

We are so fortunate to be living in Canada. You see, Canada is constantly striving to become a more eco-friendly country and a lot of these efforts are pursued through grants. There are many grants available to businesses that implement recycling programs through both non-profits and government agencies.

You will need to implement an official corporate recycling program and track your output to take advantage of these opportunities. The majority of the grants available require some data on the impact your recycling program has on the environment, so the quicker you get starter, the faster you can apply!

Corporate Social Responsibility

It is safe to say that every business that recycles benefits from a strong reputation amongst their clients and customers. Why? Well, who doesn’t love an environmentally friendly company? It is easy to ensure that your clients are aware of your efforts. All you need to do is include a little blurb on your company’s website about what your business is doing to make the world a better place. Here is a little hint: your corporate recycling program should go here!

Environmental Benefits

Let’s talk about materials and energy conservation. Corporate recycling is a driving force to keep our planet in good shape. For starters, the waste that goes to landfills is much less than prior to recycling. So where does all this waste go? Simple, it goes to making new products which means we are able to preserve raw materials since many of these recycled products will become new products!

Proud Employees

We have said this before and we will say it again: employees are proud to work for organizations that do good things. Corporate recycling is one of those things that your employees will talk about over and over to anyone that asks who they work for. Trust us on this one!

Corporate recycling can offer many benefits to your business. These are only some of them. If you’d like to learn more or talk about the solutions available to your business, we’d love to hear from you! It is never too late to start.

By blue@923-RECYCLE

Our Recycling Gift to Canada For It’s 150th Birthday!

Happy birthday, Canada. Turning 150 years young is surely a milestone, but continuously working towards shifting into an eco friendly country every year is an even greater accomplishment! Today we are proud to be working with so many environmentally conscious Canadian businesses that choose to recycle. We have joined forces with corporations that understand the need for a collective approach to recycling. These are the companies that identify the need to decrease costs associated with landfill operation and waste collection. All these proud Canadian businesses have chosen to trust us with their recycling needs and have had a huge part in helping us keep the following out of Canadian landfills and oceans in 2016:

Recycled Plastics

We recycled 11 million kgs of plastics in 2016 alone. We were able to re-supply 55% of these plastics to North American manufacturers for re-using purposes. Another 45% of these recycled plastics went to further reprocessing overseas. The best part? We were able to keep 100% of these plastics out of our oceans and landfills!

Organic Food Waste

During the same year, we recycled 217,000 kgs of organic food waste from distributors and food manufacturers. Organic materials were separated from packaging and sent to various optimized solutions–including fortified organics soils, animal feeds and protein rendering. As for the packaging, if it could be recycled, we found a way to do so.

Recycled Wood

Our wood program recovered over 300,000 kgs of wood waste in 2016, converting it into fuels, landscape materials and building products.

Hazardous Waste

With our Hazardous Waste Carrier license, we diverted more than 120,000 litres of flammables, acids and other dangerous chemicals into re-purposed fuels and paints. That’s 120,000 litres of waste that has been reused and saved from disposal.

We are so proud of having had the opportunity to recycle so many items and transformed them into new goods. Thank you to all of the businesses that came to us with your recycling concerns. You have played a very important role in helping us gift Canada a less wasteful land and oceans. Happy 150th birthday, Canada!

By blue@923-RECYCLE

How Your Business Can Keep Canada Green

Canadians are some of the most eco-friendly people in the world. Most Canadians prefer working for and supporting businesses that have strong corporate social responsibility codes. As we begin to celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday, we wanted to share some of the many ways that your company can help keep Canada green for another 150 years! This is what we came up with:

  1. Audit Your Waste Stream:   Landfill should be your last and most expensive option when it comes to “waste”. We see companies throwing out valuable items all the time.  Audit your waste, you will be surprised with the items that can be recycled and converted into something else later on.
  2. Review Your Purchasing:  There are substitutes available to chemicals, solvents and other inputs you are using in production.  It is much better for the environment and more inexpensive to deal with the packaging and residues from alternate materials that are not hazardous.
  3. Setup an Industrial Recycling Program with a Single Vendor like Blue Planet:  We get it, your business is busy and it’s not easy to find a vendor for each of your recyclable items. That is why we came up with a smart and quick solution, an all-in-one stop for recycling! Our one truck pickup can accomplish the overwhelming task of picking up several materials at once – hazardous wastes, fluorescent bulbs, plastics, wood and cardboard.
  4. Review Your Approach to Product Destruction:  Every industry has proprietary waste. This can range from prototypes, failed products, spoiled, damaged, returns, to even food!  You know the hassle.  Try using a company that can assure destruction but take components through to recycling.  It’s less expensive and more responsible than many conventional methods.
  5. Invest in a Corporate Social Responsibility Plan:  Remember, Canadians love working for eco-friendly companies. Get your employees involved and make changes to the way you handle your waste or product destruction streams. They will take pride in helping out!

There is no doubt that if we all work together, we will keep Canada green for another 150 years!

By Jennifer

Plastic Recycling – Street Light Lenses

Blue Planet recently recycled thousands of  pounds of local street light lenses as they were getting a makeover.
That means thousands of pounds of plastic created new materials and stayed out of our landfills!

By Jennifer

Community Comfort using Plastic Pellets

Weighted blankets made with plastic pellets are used for therapy to create calming effects for those struggling with psychiatric, anxiety and autism disorders.
Much like a human touch or hug, these blankets aide in releasing serotonin creating a soothing result.
Blue Planet has proudly donated thousands of recycled plastic pellets to this beneficial therapy.

To learn more about this and to view our NEW WEBSITE – please visit

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Food Grade IBC totes and Barrels For Sale

In the course of our recycling programs we pickup many barrels and IBC totes. Rather than shredding these for plastics and metal recycling we are looking for a reuse. Do you know anyone interested in buying these from us? Please inquire.











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