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PlasticsRecycled FromRecycled Into
#1 PETBottles, packaging Carpet fibre, nursery pots
#2 High Density PolyethyleneCrates, bucketsCrates, buckets
#3 Poly Vinyl ChlorideWindow Profile, SidingElectrical parts, extrusions
#4 Low Density PolyethyleneStretch Films, bagsBags
#5 PolypropyleneCar bumpers, battery casesNursery pots, DVD cases
#6 PolystyreneReels, signsUsed in nursery pots
#7 ABS, Acrylic, otherSheet Plastics Mostly used in sheet extrusion
X ray filmClinics, NDT, VetsSilver and PET recovery
OrganicsFood manufacturing, logisticsAnimal feeds, soils
WoodPallets, packagingHog fuel, fibre, energy
MetalsVarious scrapNew metals
GlassGlass IndustriesInsulation, reflective paint
Hazardous WastesFlammables, AcidsSolvents, Fuels

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