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3943_4_oilfield_water_filtration_pit_linerBlue Planet Recycling has introduced this truly innovative and ground-breaking recycling service for the oil and gas industry in Alberta. Through our proprietary process we shred, grind and wash HDPE pit liners, reclaiming the HDPE resin in a an environmentally friendly process.


All pit liners are collected, cleaned, shredded and recycled using the most technologically and environmentally advanced systems, leaving no adverse environmental effects. Working together with us you not only reduce your landfill costs, but you actively participate in TRUE ENVIRONMENTAL STEWARDSHIP.

Reclaimed materials are processed into pellets which are used in a variety of HDPE extrusion applications including pipe manufacturing, sheet manufacturing and plastic lumber applications.



Years of recycling experience, innovative approach and forward thinking investment all combine into one practical solution.

pond-decomissioningarrow brush from liner recycling materials are harvestedarrow brush from brush from pit liner recycling product

Pond Decommissioning                 Materials are “harvested”             HDPE is processed into regrind             Final product is a plastic pellet


Please Call or Email for Depot Locations

Materials are accepted at our facilities for a tipping charge. All fees are used to subsidize the transportation and production of the materials through the recycling process.

Contaminates are UNACCEPTABLE for our pit liner recycling process. These contaminates would include metal, oil, chemicals, drill cuttings, rope and other non-HDPE contaminates. Additionally, we do not accept scrim-reinforced, woven, or felt liners.



40 mil – 100 mil thick

  • Must be HDPE (Poly) pond liner material
  • Free of any Scrim Reinforcements
  • Rolled, wadded, folded or torn – all accepted
  • Delivery by end dump, dump truck, flat deck or other truck acceptable
  • Please call for project specific info. Surcharge for sorting may apply.




Please call or email for more information.

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