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We service the window manufacturing industries in all our market areas. We buy PVC profile in cut off or 20’ lineal length.

Our mixed bin service allows you to dispose of all your recyclables into one outdoor locking bin: metal, plastics, wood, and fibre! Call or email for more information on this service.

PVC Window profile Recycling

As prices and demand for raw materials rise, so does the pressure from governments and civil society to recycle. PVC (polyvinylchloride) window profile scrap is commercially viable thanks to significant advancement and investment in technology. Blue Planet Recycling employs over a million dollars in assets to recycle PVC window profile.

The recycling of PVC window systems is carried out in three major steps:

1. PVC window profile scrap collection

Blue Planet provides gaylord boxes, bags or roll-off bins to our PVC window customers to collect their scrap lineal and cut-offs. The materials are then transported to our facilities where we grind them into flake. We service PVC manufacturers in Vancouver, Richmond, Surrey, Langley, Kelowna, Nanaimo, Okanagan, Alberta, Calgary, Edmonton, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Washington State, Seattle, Everett, and Tacoma.

2. Recycling technique

Plastic PVC windows profile is initially hand sorted, then lineals and off-cuts are shredded or go straight into a grinder where the material is processed into regrind (3/8” minus in diameter) flake. The material then passes through several pieces of proprietary equipment designed to remove contaminants (weather strip, paper, dust and metals). We also have color separating equipment capable of sorting individual regrind pieces by color. Our end product is a clean, dust free and color consistent regrind product ready for remanufacture.


3. The material can be recycled seven times!

PVC from window profile can be recycled at least seven times without having any impact on the quality or weather resistance characteristics. Recycled material is used widely in both injection and extrusion process for making new window profile, building products, electronics equipment housing and pipe.

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We service the window manufacturing industries in all of our market areas.  We buy PVC profile in cut off or 20′ lineal length. Contact us now for a quote.

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