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Blue Planet Recycling offers rebates for many higher grade plastics, metals and other commodities.

There are countless reasons to recycle, one of which is revenue or rebate.

We primarily service large industrial, commercial or municipal generators in larger quantities.  Rebates are offered on certain materials.  Several factors determine the value of your materials including:


Type of material

Certain plastics, metals and fibres are worth more than others.  For example wood has no rebate value, Nickel has a lot!


A truckload of material is worth more than a skids worth.


Residues, stickers, multiple attached materials all decrease the value of a material.


How material is packaged, or what density it has determines shipping cost.  Shipping is the largest cost in recycling, and has the most effect on value of a product.  The heavier and denser the material, the more valuable it is.

There are countless other reasons to recycle:

When it comes to making the bottom line in running a business, every bit helps.

Recycling can reduce your garbage disposal costs and often produce revenue. A few points tips to see if a recycling program makes “cents” for you.

Avoided cost: Disposing of a given volume of garbage normally costs more than recycling the same volume of materials.

Public Relations: Your company enhances its ‘green’ image in the public eye – a major plus in terms of public relations and community position.  Recycling is appreciated by your customers, and is a source of pride for your employees. Recycling builds employee and customer loyalty.

Get in touch with us and get us provide as much information as possible.  We will determine the value of your material and make you an offer.

Rebate services are available in all our locations serviced page.

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